My Pregnancy: Week 24


Hi Guys!

I have been spending a lot of time with my feet up at home this week. That hasn’t been a conscious decision, it has literally been the way things have worked out. I’m self employed and work half the week mobile hairdressing around people’s houses, then half the week in a lovely little salon in the centre of Brighton.

With the way bookings have come in, my mobile days were only half days so I either had the morning or the afternoon free to be at home, and then the salon was relatively chilled too so I have managed to grab some much needed rest this week and I feel so much better for it, both physically and emotionally. As the last couple of weeks posts have shown, hormones and tiredness were taking a toll so sleep and rest have brought me (relatively!) back to normal. Physically, my lower back and hips have been starting to hurt a bit so it has been nice not standing for ages at a time. I’m amazed at how heavy I feel! I was no twig to begin with but lately, just getting off the sofa leaves me groaning upon elevation and I need to grab hold of things for leverage?! Am debating getting a winch or forklift parked outside, in case of emergencies.

I have been binge watching Youtube videos and Fringe on Netflix (am so late to the party on that series!), and it has been nice to spend some time on my blog and get admin done. Baby seems to have liked the rest as well, and it has been a real treat to sit quietly and bond with him through my tummy, playing him songs and feeling him wriggle about. The cats have also been happy to have me home and have not left me alone for one second! The only downside has been that poor Paulibear has had night shifts to work through, so I have really missed him in the evenings.

I saw the midwife on Tuesday and she was really happy with mine and baby’s progress. I have reached the point where I now need to go every 4 weeks for a check up, and each time I get my bump measured and have a listen to baby’s heart beat. Bumps should measure as many centimetres as you are weeks, but they allow 3 cm’s over or under. Mine was only one cm over which is fine and put my mind at ease a bit as his measurements on the last scan were higher than his percentile. The sonographers and doctors were umming and ahhing about his due date – scaring me with vague references about gestational diabetes and BMI. They make you feel like you have eaten something wrong and grown him too much or something, but my midwife assured me that I am doing well and looking after him just fine.

His heartbeat was 140 per minute (babies heart rates are always quicker than ours and should be between 110 and 160 per minute apparently) so she was really pleased about that and I couldn’t help but feel proud when she patted my bump and said ‘You have one happy chappy in there!’. As if I can really take much credit… my body is doing all the work, I am just sitting on the sofa in between haircuts, wrapped up in a cat or two, watching Fringe science on the telly!

I’m grateful for the rest I have had as this coming week is going to be pretty busy. We are starting renovations on the baby room at the weekend and DIY always leaves me a little bit fraught. Dust…. mess….. noise…. tools that are heavy and dangerous looking…. splinters…. and for a control freak like myself, it is petrifying to be completely out of my depth and leaves me feeling a bit helpless. Am really excited to see it all finished though and will enjoy putting baby’s stuff away in there once shelves and furniture are in. Having said that, we haven’t got that much baby stuff to put in there yet. We are pacing ourselves and getting organised. How grown up are we eh?!


One cat and one red top that used to be baggy….. still technically fits though so am holding on!

Added extras:

– Mango is my latest obsession. Didn’t think I was THAT obsessed until I caught myself standing in my pants and bra in the kitchen, nawing on the remnants of flesh off a mango seed (which is huge by the way!) at 11.30pm one night. Cajoled myself into letting the mango seed go, popped it in the bin and took myself off to bed. 
–  As much as the extra sleep and rest has helped…. Hormonal bouts of rage and tears are still hitting me out of nowhere sometimes. Literally feels like I have gone very crazy for a brief second….. or hour. I simply cry and yell it out and move on, best way forward. 
– I can no longer see my vagina. Can’t tell you how strange that is! Obviously I know it is there…. as Paulibear assured me, ‘It’s still there, don’t worry’. But when I look down, all I see is bump. And my toes…. just about. 
– Carrying out tasks such as shaving ones legs or painting ones toe nails is now a challenge. Never one to easily admit the need for help, I have found that simply contorting my body to the side, essentially navigating around the bump, allows me to still manage by myself.  One day though, I know I am going to have to shuffle into the bedroom with a razor and nail varnish and ask Paulibear for assistance. But as the guy at the end of Gladiator says, ‘Not yet….. NOT YET!’. 

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