Dealing with a Pregnant Woman: A Quick Guide for Daddy’s to be

Hi Guys!

Pregnancy tests parts of you and your life like nothing else can. So much to think about, worry about…. sometimes completely lose your head about. It tests your sanity, your relationships…. your bladder. You name any part of your anatomy and/or life and you can guarantee it is touched by the formation of your little being in some way, shape or form. As her partner, it can sometimes feel like you are chasing your tail with a blind fold on. Feeling left out, useless and completely lost is normal, and any way to regain control is welcome right?

After a particularly hormonal week, and 22 weeks of Pregnancy in general, I thought it would be fun to create a guide for helpful tips on how to deal with a Pregnant Woman. As a disclaimer, I have to state that this is all worked out from personal experiences and by no means am I saying it will definitely work well for you. But if I help just one more person… even if it’s to provide a giggle, then it was well worth writing down!


1 – Let her sleep – The tiredness in pregnancy is like the worst jet lag you can ever imagine. Think of walking through treacle…. in lead boots….. with an elephant on your shoulders. Tired now?
2 – Give foot rubs… and neck rubs…. and shoulder rubs…. basically rub wherever she tells you she hurts. Which is pretty much everywhere. 
3 – Respect the food aversions. They are completely involuntary and although they may seem sliiiightly irrational, they are 100 % real! I currently can’t stand raw minced meat. Beef, lamb, pork….. if it is minced keep it away. Poor Paulibear went to make a Chilli for me one night, a usual fave of mine. He started to cook it and I spent quite a while in the bathroom. And dinner was quickly changed to a sandwich. 
4 – Reassure her she looks beautiful…. even when she wears paisley pyjamas and thus resembles a Faberge egg. 
5 – When she cries… just hug her. Do NOT ask her why she is crying. Chances are there isn’t really a reason, or there are so many, she can’t list them all. 
6 – Let her be angry. She is growing a human from scratch and her favourite jeans no longer fit. She will be pissed off, but the mantra to repeat in the head is ‘This too shall pass’. Agree with her that it’s shit and she will appreciate the solidarity. If all else fails, duck. She will undoubtedly throw something.  
7 – Do the little things. Run her a bubble bath, change the bin, wash the dishes… that beats flowers any day of the week. 
8 – Flowers may be superfluous, but chocolate never is. Buy her some. Lots of it. 
9 – Help her believe she can do it. All it takes is for one person to share a horror birth story, or for someone to ask about what pram you’re thinking of going for, and lack of self belief can easily creep in, especially for first time Mums. The thought of getting the wrong travel system and having it fold up with your baby inside…. or the prospect of pushing a cantaloupe melon through the opening of a small blueberry…. can all be pretty challenging to a girl’s faith in herself. Remind her that you have faith in her, and she shall use that to rebuild her own. 
10 – Communicate. All. The. Time. 

Simples 🙂

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