My Pregnancy: Week 20


This week has been so funny…. I can’t even tell you. One thing myself and Paulibear have always thrived on, is the ability to see the funny side in every situation, especially negative ones. It relieves stress, maintains perspective and helps cope with many things that could otherwise get the best of you.

This week I reached a pretty low point. Not emotionally, but physically. As usual, in my typical ‘I’m every woman’ (Whitney Houston singing along in my head for encouragement!) sort of mind set,  I packed in my work very tightly and ended up feeling pretty tired by the middle of the week. On the Thursday evening, I settled in to have a nice relaxing soak in the tub… y’know, clear away all the stress and ache in my muscles, that sorta thing. All was well. Until I realised I was so exhausted, that even keeping my eye lids open felt like I was lifting weights. So, I then tried to actually lift my weight (see what I did there?? Smooooooth…ha!) out of the bath in order to make for the sleep town of Bed-fordshire, and everything just went wrong.

Cue my feet slipping, me plunging back down into the bath water, a tidal wave gushing over the sides and across the floor and a random kick out manoeuvre resulting in me knocking around six products off of the bath side and into the water to join me.

I laid there dazed for a minute…. also reeling from a bit of a bashed arm too (funny bones are seriously not funny?!) … and when I opened my eyes and witnessed my ‘Calm one Calm all’ Soap and Glory bubble bath bobbing along by my knee, I figured that was a pretty apt frame of mind to stay in.

At that, a not so calm Paulibear rushed in to see what the commotion had been about. By this point, I was making ‘Leaving the Bath’ attempt number 2, but the level of tiredness I was feeling literally left me as weak as a kitten and I just flopped back into the water again. I just could not get up! As funny as I find it now, at the time I was pretty frightened. All sorts of thoughts passed through the mind ranging from ‘Will I need to be lifted via firemen carry??!’ to ‘This is a preview of being elderly….. I am so ordering a bath with a door in it!’.

Luckily, at that point in time, I had my 6 foot 4 bear of a man to help me up…. and despite him biting his lip in an attempt not to laugh hysterically (and asking me ‘Can’t you get up??’… er no… no, I can’t, I just felt like studying the enamel with my arse!’), I was very grateful and glad he was there to rescue me. Even if I did turn the air blue and berate him for finding my degradation so humorous! As he said…. we’ll be witnessing much worse than that on this journey, and ultimately, a naked pregnant woman flailing about like a beached whale begging for help is pretty bloody funny!

**NOTE: I am now sticking to showers unless there is someone else in the house.**

In other news, we started making room in the flat for our growing baby bear this week too. We technically live in a one bedroom flat, but we do have a tiny room that is classed as a walk in closet off of our landing so we are decorating that to be the baby’s room. Baby will be sleeping in with us, but the paraphernalia that goes with baby shall be stored in the little cupboard room. It’s going to be an ongoing task, and I’ll probably dedicate a post to it in the future. It’s always interesting seeing how people utilise small spaces so am excited to have the opportunity to do it myself. But for now, I can tell you that we had a major clear out, sending a lot of things to charity and ferrying other stuff to the dump. It’s a case of living in chaos for a while before order is formed again, mainly due to needing to redecorate the little room and create the storage for things to go into. I love a good project to get my teeth into! And with my nesting instinct being so acute already, being pro active is very cathartic! Although looking at these pictures…. you wonder how that could be possible!

Baby’s room pic 1: That desk is going to be ripped out so more space is left free.
Baby room pic 2: This book shelf was broken so has been taken for recycling, and all the DVD’s it stored were sorted through. Some were donated to charity, but the one’s we are keeping shall be put on some newly built shelves in the living room.
My wardrobe…. nuff said. It looks much more organised now though. More organised and less like a shoe graveyard.
Our living room mid project…. note the ‘What the…???’ look on our cat Winnifred’s face!


And again, bump + pjs + bemused cat in the back ground….. I swear I don’t stage this on purpose! 

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