My Pregnancy: Week 19


This past week’s main theme has been tiredness. Physically and mentally in equal measures…. mostly due to having a lot to do, both at work and at home. I’ve had quite a lot of peoples to see, then errands like the post office run, banking, food shopping and also a couple of hospital appointments all added to the stress mix! All the walking (sometimes running!) and standing around pretty much the whole day has definitely started to take its toll. For those who don’t know me/follow my other blog, I’m a hairdresser and that means standing up almost all the time. I’ve never struggled with that side of the job at all, I’ve been doing it long enough to be used to it. But now that my body is going through so many changes and has become a little suitcase carrying ever expanding cargo, the effects on me physically are gradually beginning to show.

Mostly it’s my back and feet that are aching at the end of the day. Paulibear has been very attentive, giving me foot rubs (one perk of pregnancy!) and I am booking myself regular massages to help keep my muscles happy and encourage good circulation. I’ve also been using the amazing La Source Reviving Foot and Leg Mist to help destress my legs and feet at the end of the day. It is so nice, you just spritz it over your legs and feet, give it a little rub into the skin then sit back and let your legs tingle and cool down. I literally sigh ‘Aaaaahhhhhhhhh!’ each time I use it, and dread ever running out!

Of course, physical exhaustion mixed with pregnancy hormones led to a few emotional moments this week, with me crying over seeing my care bear like reflection in the mirror after a shower and suddenly freaking out about the threat of stretch marks as well as feeling guilty for dragging baby around on all my hectic day’s errands. These are the moments when it is best to just cry it out, grab a hug off of your nearest and dearest and go to bed to sleep it all off. And that is exactly what I did.

I have still been getting little bursts of movement which continue to fascinate me. As a result of bump growing that little bit more, I have also had a few aches from where my ligaments (the long muscles that anchor the womb in place) are stretching and bearing the weight of our growing baby bear. I wouldn’t say they are awful pains, they’re just uncomfortable really. I’m looking into ways of supporting bump because I think that will help me when I am standing for long periods of time. I was contemplating a crane…. but practicality dictates that a band of stretchy fabric is probably the best way forward.

Oh! Talking of support, I purchased a pregnancy pillow that has been so great for helping me get comfy, both on the sofa and in bed. It’s basically a long, narrow pillow that can be moulded around you any which way you like to provide support wherever you feel you most need it. I have been sitting with it in the small of my back whilst watching telly, and of a night time, I hug it and wrap round it much like a Koala Bear does a tree branch. I can’t tell you how comfy it is….. everyone should have one, pregnant or not! I got mine for just £13.99 in Argos. If you’re interested click here.


I always seem to have a cat in the background don’t I?! 

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