My pregnancy: Week 18


Hi guys!

Part of me wishes I had started documenting my pregnancy from my first scan onwards, but weeks 13 – 17 coincided with Christmas time and it was just so busy that there was no time to sit and type. Not to mention, there wasn’t really that much to note. Sore boobs and back were pretty much the biggest bits of news from those week’s developments.

So, today I hit 19 weeks into my pregnancy. And as a result, I am posting this on reflection of my 18th week that’s just gone, and finally starting my documentation of my pregnancy journey from week to week.

I was told by so many women who have had babies, that the second trimester would fly by and they were completely right! I can’t believe I am heading towards the 20’s, its crazy!

Most notable thing that has happened this week has been that I have noticed more movement than ever before. I believe my first ever detected movement of baby was around week 15, when I was woken up by a distinct bomp somewhere deep inside, to the lower left side of my belly button. It happened so quickly I was left wondering if I had dreamt it, but gradually things have intensified and this week is the first week that I have felt a fluttering of bomp bomp bomps every day.

It is a strange feeling…. not in a bad way, in a very good way. But you will be sitting watching telly or reading in bed and you suddenly realise that deep in the cocoon of your lower belly, there is a definite bomp going on. Complete magic!

I now have a definite bump going on too. Which, I am not going to lie, is a relief. Not only because there is something very liberating about a pregnancy bump, but also because people aren;t giving me the ‘Are you pregnant or have you just eaten too much christmas pudding?’ look. I am still wearing my own clothes though, and depending on the sort of bump day I am having, I can still get my jeans on! Granted, I do have to use a hairband looped through the button hole and around the button to give a bit of flexibility, but they fit like normal everywhere else.

I have maternity jeans but they stretch out over the day and there was an incident of them falling down on one occasion. Luckily it was just myself and Paulibear in our garden when it happened….. otherwise that could have been a bit embarrassing! I’ll be in them before I know it though, am sure of it.


Excuse the pj’s and giggle at Fred the cat in the background!lol. 

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