The Three Bears: Some back story info

Before getting stuck into the nitty gritty of this blog, I thought a little bit about myself and my other half would probably help in making you all feel a bit more at home with us.

My fiance’s name is Paul. He is tall as a building (ok….not quite, he’s 6″4 but that is still very TALL!), he’s mixed race (Mummy from Trinidad, Daddy from England) and has black curly hair (and double eyebrows… they’re cute!). He currently works for the ambulance service and likes books, computer games and Lego… he likes Lego a lot.

My name is Lucy, but I also go by the name of Grace…. mostly for work purposes. I am a self employed hairdresser and own a business called Style with Grace. I like blogging (‘NO?! Really??!’), books and pretty much anything to do with being creative.

We met through a mutual friend and have been together for almost 3 years. We were friends before that, then one night, after I had coached him on how to behave on a date with another girl, I spent the evening pacing the floor and realised I wanted to be the girl he was having the date with! After a fumbled confession and lots of skype calls, he moved from Bromley to be with me in my seaside home from birth, Brighton, and we live in a cosy flat above a pet shop with our two cats, Winnie and Fred.

To friends and family, we are known as the Bears. Paul coined the nickname Paulibear during his uni days, thanks to his bear like height, wide shoulders and hairiness….. not to mention he does a wicked Chewbacca impression (if any of you know not to which I am referring… where have you been?!). As a result of his being named Paulibear, I coined the nickname of Lucybear and soon enough, we were calling each other these nicknames as well….

I understand this is all very dull to most people, but its important to us as a form of our identity and is a part of our story that I love…. and if anything, it makes a nice change to ‘honey’ and ‘sweetie’ and my personal non favourite ‘Babe’! Each to their own of course, but to me personally, if my lover referred to me with the name of a fictional Pig, there would be goosebumps – and not the right kind either…

It’s all part of relationship and history building, and now we are finding ourselves adapting it for our expected bundle, with bump being referred to as ‘Baby Bear’ and I have often joked that we shall end up being the three bears looking to obtain a Goldilocks…. not to mention we LOVE porridge!

Paulibear asked me to marry him in the summer of 2014, and of course, I said YES! It was a beautiful day filled with sunshine, happiness and more importantly, a cream tea. Wedding bells are still on the horizon eventually, but babies have always held more priority for us and as a result, I shall more than likely be juggling around a muslin cloth and rattle as opposed to a veil and bouquet any time soon…. but that is just how I want it to be. Babies are for life…. weddings are just a day after all.

Paulibear and Lucybear


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