What Have We Been Up to To This Week?


This week I have been quite a social butterfly…. only with less colour and grace and more rushing and darting about. Scrap the butterfly metaphor, I’m more like those moths the size of a bat that crash into the light shade on the ceiling because they are daft enough to think its the sun…


Regardless. It’s been a busy week. So busy, that I am currently writing against the clock whilst the teething baby sits on the rug playing like a ticking time bomb and the toddler is eating his dinner with a treat of sparkling peach water as his drink to buy me some peace to concentrate!


It’s been a lovely week though. I went to a comedy club mother’s meeting with my friend at the Komedia in Brighton one morning. It’s called BYOB (Bring Your Own Baby. Clever play on words! Although, to be honest, I think we all could have brought a bottle though too!.)


Myself and George at BYOB this Week


It made a really nice change to going to the usual groups such as yoga and rhyme time and paint and play etc etc. I have never really enjoyed those sorts of groups, a little bit boring for me but, like a lot of Mums, I force myself to attend for the boys’ sake. But this was great because there was adult humour to keep me chuckling away, the change of scenery and other little ones were great company for George (I couldn’t take Teddy as it was only for babies under 12 months due to the adult content that could be ‘picked up on’ by older ones) and it was actually nice for me to just have one on one time with my youngest baby. I share myself between them all the time, it’s nice to not have to worry about leaving anyone out. I might try and do it for each of them more regularly actually. Paul and I can swap and it benefits everyone. He took Teddy to see my Mum in Law that morning and they had a great day.


They brought a cot back for George that she was kindly storing in her bedroom for us actually. He has now graduated into a proper cot rather than a crib, although we are still dabbling in the co-sleeping realms at the moment. Mostly because he is teething and in need of feeds and cuddles for comfort. Plus it is the only way he is settling with it and I need to sleep.


Especially because I also went back into doing little bits of hairdressing work this week! It was nice to leave the house with my kit, drive alone like I used to all the time, and getting to task on people’s hair was so much fun! And a relief! Like scratching an itch that has been bothering me since January when I had to stop because of pregnancy pains. I’m stepping back into work really gradually, not running before walking and making sure that I don’t over do it. That wouldn’t help anyone.


George and I had another one on one date this week when went for breakfast one morning with my best friend and her little baby, Harry. He is only a couple of months old and so cute. She and I have been friends since we were 2, so it always amazes me to see us pushing real prams after all the make believe games and dolls prams we’ve played with together in the past. And to have sons near the same age is amazing! Be funny if they become best friends too wouldn’t it?


Baby George at Breakfast


I also ventured out with the boys on a solo outing to SpringBarn Farm in Lewes this weekend. It’s always a challenge juggling the two of them and their different needs on my own, but especially when we are out and about. I thought I was the only one but, as I looked about me on the Farm, everyone was there either with a friend, relative or spouse. Maybe it was because it was Saturday? Perhaps its a family thing to do? I’m not sure, it might be but it did make me wonder. And hi five myself. As a person with quite acute anxiety, I felt proud of myself for throwing myself into it all and enjoying myself with the boys.


Toddler Teddy on the swings

Baby George on the swings

Toddler George and Baby Teddy in the sandpit


Such a bizarre thing to feel as an accomplishment I know, but I compared myself to a moth just now. So. Just nod along and humour me!

Additional information and findings from this week: 


  •  I have not been late to anything this week. Oh… one appointment actually. By four minutes though so am hardly counting it. Am so proud of myself though! I struggle so hard with timings usually because I always try and cram too much into a day so this was another little victory for me this week.


  • I managed to get out for dinner with another of my closest friends on Friday night and we went to a delicious All-You-Can-Eat Chinese place in Hove called Danny’s. To all people living on the South East Coast! Go to Danny’s Chinese in Portland Road in Hove. We were stuffed within 2 hours of arriving but not in the queasy, greasy way that Chinese food usually makes you feel. It was scrumptious, especially the crispy duck and pancakes… I want to go back for sure. Can you tell?! Ha! 


  • New car is still going strong! Although it scared the complete crap out of me one morning when I was cruising along the A27 singing to Michael Jackson, and this sudden and very lour ‘Beeeeep! BEEEP!’ noise came out of nowhere and made my heart jump up to my throat and then down to my boots. ‘OH my GOD!’, I thought, ‘I knew this would happen! It’s broken! I have bought a second hand car and has BROKEN!’. 


It hadn’t broken. The dashboard was just letting me know I needed petrol and had 41 miles range left in the tank to get some. Felt like a bit of a prat after that.


  • George is almost crawling. And he looks like a pee on a drum in his new cot! He may be small but he is mighty and completely determined to get around like his big brother as soon as he can. He can sit himself up now too… not sure if I mentioned that in last week’s update?! 


  • Teddy is so desperate to talk more. He goes to say something and then it is just out of his grasp. I feel frustrated for him! It means that a lot of the time I get high pitched screams and yelling  when he is trying to tell me he wants something or can’t get to or do something. I start off ok with it in the morning, but by the evening I honestly fear for my hearing! Here’s hoping that the more I talk to him, the more he will get to grips with words. It’ll save us both a lot of trouble! 



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