This is me – Lucy Healey. I’m 31. By trade and alongside Me, Being Mummy, I am a self employed hair and makeup stylist, and run my own business based in Brighton and the South East. I have been working with (and in love with) the hair and makeup industry for well over a decade and am happy to share all my knowledge and tips with anyone who wishes to listen! I’ve worked for award winning salons, boutique salons and took a leap into self employment about 7 years ago and never looked back. Obviously becoming a Mum has shifted the focus off of work for a time, but I am still passionate about my initial vocation and will be sharing lots of hair and beauty related posts on here as well. 

I have always loved anything that involves being creative. Art was a strong subject in school, as was English, so the love for my trade and my enthusiasm for blogging is no surprise really. I just can’t keep my mind quiet. Ideas and inspiration are constantly tapping me on the shoulder and it would be rude to simply ignore them. Not to mention life would be so very dull.

So, there I am. The woman behind the typing. The face of Me, Being Mummy… and that is on the odd Youtube video when I feel particularly flush with time and enthusiasm!

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