No such thing as bad weather…

My Nan always used to say ‘There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad choice in clothing’. And she, the ever wise lady, was absolutely right.

As a child, I didn’t get the point of such wisdom. In fact, I didn’t even notice the weather as I was too busy having fun. My coat was worn in many ways as to suit the game I was playing or to reflect the mood I was in. At half mast, nestled in the crooks of my arms if I was tired and grumpy. Unzipped in the face of bitter cold because I was claustrophobic with it done up. Worn just by the hood as I ran downhill, pretending to fly or be a superhero and on many an occasion, tied around my waist by the sleeves with the length of it mimicking a Disney Princess’s ball gown.

Nowadays I am the one repeating my Nan’s mantra and, after spending one too many times feeling guilty at both the boys being caught in the rain wearing just a hoodie and joggers (sorry Nan!) I decided a splash suit for each of them would be a worthy investment.

As if by magic..

My Nan must have known from her perch on a cloud that I was letting her down on the practical weather front and contemplating splash suits, as soon enough I was approached out of the blue by the lovely people at Rydale to see if I would feature a review of their products – of which there were a gorgeous selection of.. you guessed it… kids splash suits!

Splash suits are basically an all in one zip up waterproof suit/onesie with a hood for kids to wear out in weather that would usually force you to stay indoors. The kind of weather we’ve been having recently actually… anyone else forgotten what it’s like to step outside the house and not be in a constant soggy and windswept state?? I may have to ditch my feather duvet type coat and find a splash suit too!

The Best Splash suits EVER!

Rydale have such a lovely range of clothing, footwear and accessories geared towards preserving traditional country attire values. I had great fun exploring their site and literally whooped with delight when I came across their children’s section. The splash suits I chose for Teddy and George are bright red with a cool bug themed pattern all over. I always like to pick bright colours as it helps me spot where they are whilst we are out and about. And the boys were fascinated with the pattern when I unwrapped them too… definitely helped me cajole them into putting them on as they appear to have inherited my claustrophobic zipper fears. Poor things. Luckily the zippers on these are fab too, none of that getting stuck halfway up stress! Plus the suits have hoods, they’re just perfect.

And so, as a result of these newly acquired gems, we have been able to make the most of still getting out and playing even on the most rainiest and blustery of days. Each time they have become absolutely caked in mud and yet I don’t get any of the anxiety I would have done if they had worn their regular coats and hoodies. The splash suits have washed up to look brand new each time and dry really quickly too. Overnight they’re ready to use again, which I really appreciate as we don’t have the luxury of a tumble drier unfortunately.

Mother’s Day Musings

I’ve been stalking the site in prep for Mother’s Day ideas too and have my eye on these amazing looking high gloss wellies in a cute shade of purple (incidentally, they have another slightly different shade of purple ones on offer for just £15 here if you want to race me to them!haha!) They’d be perfect for country walks and they look super soft and comfortable. I also love their print selection and am eyeballing this navy horsey print scarf as well. Scarves have a multitude of styling options and you would get so much good use out of these.

I’d love it if you could check out Rydale and see the beautiful products they have to offer. If you’re a fan of the country and equestrian scene then even more reason to explore!

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