Minute Magic: Why I love One Born Every Minute

I’ve just watched One Born Every Minute and my eyes are all red and my nose has done that horrible bulbous thing that happens when I cry too much. I end up looking like a cross between a pink eyed bunny and a grumpy old man.

I used to be able to watch the show and enjoy the birth moments on a more spectatorial level. I’d marvel at the women who produced wrinkled infants from the foofs and omit the occasional ‘Ahhh, how sweet’ when the men shed tears over their newborns.

Now, as with most situations dictated by empathy, I feel as though I am living every single moment with whichever birthing woman (nee goddess!) is on the telly and all the memories of my own births come flooding back.

The sound of the machines. The soft, reassuring tones and then cheerings on from the midwives. The sound of a hospital curtain being whipped around and the chugging sound the gas and air canister makes as it is held onto for dear life.

And the groans. Or, in some cases, moos that come forth from some of them. The primal, gutteral, unmistakable sounds of a woman being completely at the mercy of her body. God, I remember making those sounds. Try as I might, I have never been able to recreate them. They are the sounds you can only make when you are labouring. Not even when you’re relaying the tale to your besties over a glass (bottle) of wine months later.

I watch the programme in complete awe and reflective thought. How do we do it girls?! How?!

Obviously, I know how… But honestly, how is it that our flesh and bones can take a bunch of cells and create these beautiful little bundles of human who we then turn almost inside out for to help them into the world?

Considering I can’t even make a balloon animal (I tried to make a poodle over Easter… poor thing didn’t make it), the whole concept is just astounding. Overwhelming really.

I just love it. Almost an hour (give or take the irritating adverts) of pure magic and sentiment to marvel at and relate to. And the midwives are my absolute heroes. Angels in blue.

Obviously there’s not much point to this post, just a little appreciation society ploy from me for a programme that documents true magic. Derren Brown can keep his mind reading tricks… just watch One Born to see real magic!


  1. April 30, 2018 / 3:19 pm

    Totally agree, it’s a total miracle!! Just love this show. A weird change has happened past couple years though in I have a an finally now watch and not feel at all broody!! Phew! #honeybeelinky

  2. April 30, 2018 / 7:22 pm

    I often wonder why bloggers never talk much about the telly so it is really good to see you writing this post. I have never actually watched the show although once met a woman from it. Perhaps I should give it a whirl #HoneyBeeLinky

  3. May 3, 2018 / 11:06 pm

    Oh I love watching it too. Even
    though labour is awful I think we all secretly love reliving it a little too! #honeybeelinky

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