Join in with the Honeybee Linky #15!

Welcome back to the Honeybee Linky!


After being on a bit of an unintentional hiatus for the best part of a few months, it feels really good to be back to my writing and blogging routine again!


Life has just been very busy and hectic. Not in a bad way, just very full on and I mentioned at the start of the new year that I am taking things easier in 2018 and trying to encourage self care so something had to give and, unfortunately, it was my writing time! Again.


I did try to start back with things in February but it wasn’t the right time still, but now I feel like things are calmer and I feel much more able to do Me, Being Mummy justice.


I’m going to write a whole life update post this week, catching up on what’s been going on with us as a family and how we all are. Nothing major has really happened to be honest, we’ve just been bumbling along like we always do. But the boys have changed a lot these past couple of months and we’ve had changes in our work situations and yaddah yaddah yaddah…


Basically, I’m back and I’ve missed you and I want to see you latest posts and get my blog fix! All of my latest news and musings are on their way but for now, let’s get this linky buzzing in true Honeybee style!


Ps. I’ve missed you all. Xx




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Me, Being Mummy



Bring on the linky!



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