Two Peas in a Pod

I was so worried when I was pregnant second time around. Not just the usual worries about risks of miscarriage, development problems with the baby and how on earth I was ever going to fit back into my pre pregnancy jeans. I was consumed with worry about having two children to care for and love instead of one. 

I remember looking at Teddy and feeling so guilty for the fact I was going to have to share my love and attention. As my bump grew, so did the dread alongside it in the pit of my stomach. I’d be playing with him and stop to ponder on how, soon, it would be near impossible to do it without interruption. Our one to one time was going to be cut short. And I felt so incredibly guilty about it! 

Fast forward to March of this year, and along came George. And he just slotted into place. My heart grew to fit him in alongside his brother and from the very moment he was placed onto my chest, I knew he was a piece to our family picture that I didn’t even know was missing. 

They are completely different, inside and out. Two totally contrasting personalities and appearances that have come from the same source. It makes me marvel at biology so much! One fair. One dark. One tall, one small. One laid back. One tearing around like a meerkat on acid! One quiet and thoughtful. One loud and impulsive. 
They fell in love with each other in an instant. The moment they met almost surpasses their births in my mind’s archive of favourite memories. Teddy, so excited and desperate to get as close to him as possible. Big smiles and shrieks of joy. And George quiet and still, soaking up this person who he had grown to know by sound from within my tummy for all those months. 

They have been like two peas in a pod ever since. Things aren’t idyllic by any means… they wouldn’t be true siblings if it was! There are frustrations, meltdowns and the occasional outburst of ‘Oh Nooooooo George!’ followed by tears. From both. Haha! 

But there are cuddles. Games. Care. Gentle and reassuring touches and giggles. My favourite time of day is in the Morning, when the two are reunited after their slumber and both greet each other like long lost friends. I was so worried about having two close together but I am quietly confident it was the best way life could have unfolded. Because they are friends. Hopefully for life. 
My little goofball brothers.  

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