January Favourites

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Hi Guys!

I don’t know about you, but any type of favourites blog post or video always makes me happy and I find them so much fun to watch and read that I thought it would be an idea to start doing them myself.

These ‘favourites’ are from myself speaking from a fairly rotund, 20 weeks pregnant and feeling like makka pakka point of view, but they can of course used by anybody….. as far as I’m aware, using a product that has ‘Mum to be’ on it when you aren’t a mum to be never made anyone come out in a rash…. unless you’re sensitive skinned I guess…. anyway, moving on!

There are a few notable favourites that I have discovered of late to help me through my pregnancy in January. The main goal has been helping me maintain comfort as I expand and finding ways to deal with tiredness and bodily stress.

I’ve mentioned these next two things recently in the My Pregnancy: Week 19 blog post  and I have to say, I would not be without them. I am talking about firstly, the Crabtree and Evelyn La Source Reviving Leg and Foot Mist which instantly refreshes and cools my aching muscles down and helps combat any puffy bits that accumulate throughout a long day being up on my feet working as a hairdresser. It costs around £9 and lasts for ages! It contains peppermint which leaves the skin feeling all tingly and I literally sigh with relief when I put it on…. plus it smells amazing.

Secondly, I am referring to the Sleep Body Pillow that I purchased from Argos for £13.99 (a notably great price considering I have seen identical ones going for £39.99 in MotherCare…. what the ‘F’ is that all about??) which has been helping me get comfortable both on the sofa whilst blogging or watching telly and in bed as it supports my hips and bump whilst I sleep. It’s so comfortable that I have been having to prise it away from Paulibear (my other half) on many occasions….. and once or twice from the cats as well. It seems ‘everybody needs a Sleep Body pillow for a pillow!’

How many of you are now humming the retro ‘Everybody needs a bosom for a pillow’ from the Brimful of Asha song?? Gotcha!

I’ve also been loving the Sanctuary Spa Mum to Be gift set that some good friend’s kindly got me as a Christmas Present, but can still be purchased online at Boots for £12.50. The set contains a moisturising shower cream, a soothing bath soak and collagen boosting body butter. All of them smell lovely, with each containing oils such as rosehip, milky oat and coconut and they relax me both physically and mentally after a busy day at work. Its also nice to know that I am using products that have been specifically designed for women in the family way, with no products that can be unwittingly harmful to baby’s (or mummy’s) wellbeing. The body cream in particular has been so nice after a bath or shower. I slather it on and give it a good massage in so that my skin stays as supple as possible (I DO NOT wish to end up resembling an atlas of stretch marks if I can help it) and the scent is lovely when drifting off to sleep… Coincidentally, whilst curled up around the afore mentioned sleep body pillow. Its just so COMFY!!

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